Tuesday, September 30, 2014

one on one: day twenty-five

So for the past week I have been having issues squatting fully without putting most of my weight onto my left leg. My right ankle hasn't been flexing without discomfort. This became quite apparent today when Joon had me do squat therapy and overhead squats. Not good. So with some mobility work and soon an adjustment, I am hoping we can nip this problem in the butt asap! So what did we do today? Structural work:

Warm-up: 500m Row
Extended Warm-up:
     Squat Therapy
     4 x 30/30 OHS + Hold
     4 x 30/30 Back Extension (GHD) + FLR (Bosu Ball)

     200m Row (Sprint) R1- 42.5, R2- 41.9, R3- 41.2
     10 KB Bottoms Up  Clean + Press (26#)
     Rest 2:00 Min
Overall Time: 10:00

     10 Cal AirFit (Sprint) R1- 16, R2- 14, R3- 15, R4- 16, R5- 15
     20m Farmer Carry (70#)
     Rest 1:00 Min
Overall Time: 9:12

Even with my ankle causing some issues, I am pretty happy with myself today. The back extensions were hard but felt good and I felt strong, and the FLR on the Bosu Ball went on without complaints. With the row Joon changed the damper each round, I started at 6, then 7, and then 8. I was expecting the 7 and 8 to feel hard but they didn't, I am definitely becoming more efficient with my rowing- YAY! As for the AirFit, I worked hard to make that devil of a machine my bitch, and I came close a couple of times. I am actually surprised at how well I did on it. Could I have done better? Of course but I'll take what I did and smile. Todays session overall felt good, my lungs are feeling better, and I think I kicked that cold in butt! :)

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Friday, September 26, 2014

one on one: day twenty-four

Fall term began last Monday and my body decided to take on a cold as well. Thankfully all of my classes are on-line this term, with only being required to attend a lab for Geology on Fridays. The majority of the symptoms didn't last very long and I am now just dealing with a cough, that is slowly going away. Unfortunately though I was too ill to have my session with Joon on Tuesday, so I rested. With this new term and having to have a lab on Friday, my work schedule had to shift which meant my sessions had to shift a bit as well. Instead of Tuesday/Thursday sessions, I will now have Tuesday/Friday sessions. I went back to CrossFit on Wednesday night, took Thursday night off, and had my session with Joon on today. He's a gifted one, knows the right amount of push without wiping me out completely. Breathing and energy level aren't 100% but I still feel like I got something done. Here is what was done:

Warm-up: 500m Row
Extended Warm-up:
     4 x 20m Skip
     4 x 20m Butt Kicks
     4 x 20m Jog

Then 2x,
     4 x 30/30 Goblet Squats (35#)
     *During rest period do 4 Lunges

"Tail Pipe" Ski 3x
     250m SkiErg (Sprint) R1- 1:08, R2- 1:08, R3- 1:03
     1:00 min KB Rack Hold

Ok first of all Joon sent me a text on what to do as he was going to be there at the start of our time together. He informed me to do the warm-up, extended warm-up, and the Goblet Squat. He obviously saved the best part for when he would be there. In the fog of my mind I somehow misread the Goblet Squat being 30/30 and ended up doing a whole round of 30 Goblet Squats when it became clear in my head that he meant 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off. Oops. On top of which I didn't catch that I was to do this twice. So pretty much screwed that all up- see Joon, you HAVE to be there! Anyway, the "Tail Pipe" is usually done with a partner and a rower. While one rows the 250m sprint, the other partner is holding the KB Rack Hold. But since I train alone and because we have a new toy in the gym, he modified it so that we did it on the SkiErg and I would hold the KB for a minute afterwards. It was awful, but most certainly not worse than the Triathlon. I think my times are good but given that I am still sick and put out decent times and even rocked out a better time on my third round, means I can do much better. I hope I don't start hating the SkiErg, cause I kind of was during this session. I think I should be back to normal by next week and hope to kill my WODs!

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

one on one: day twenty-three

I walked into the gym today still feeling pretty beat up from Tuesday's session. The primary area of soreness are my triceps, good lord did (still do) hurt! And let me add that I went back to the gym Tuesday night to join the class in the days WOD and ended up not finishing it. After the first round my shins decided to cramp up, both of them. Have you ever had shin cramps? Holy moly, I think those are worse than calf cramps. Anyway, here is what I did today:

Warm-up: 5 Min Easy Row
Squat Therapy

Work up to a heavy Sumo Deadlift (1RM 185#)
5 x 2 @ 80% of 1RM

Three Rounds:
250m Row + 2:00 Min Lateral Step-overs
1- 54.9 / 26
2- 54.1 / 30
3- 52.1 / 33

100 "Z" Presses (5 Atomic Sit-ups at each stop)

The squat therapy pretty much told me that my hips are still not open, that my ankle mobility sucks, and my knees are not tracking right. Boo! I thought I was getting better, I guess I need to get back to work on those. As for the Sumo Deadlifts, it was fun trying to find my one rep max. I didn't think I'd be able to get that heavy but was happily surprised when I got 185#. I have to admit that I am pretty impressed with myself in the Rowing and Step-overs segment of my session today. Each round I only got better, which still amazes me that it's possible to do when you are feeling out of breathe and tired. The final segment was the "Z" Presses and this was just plain mean of Joon! These are the reason my triceps are a million times more sore now. Thanks Joon!

Overall I felt good in todays session even though I showed up 5 minutes late and frazzled from traffic, as well as tired from not sleeping very well this whole week. I think taking Wednesday off also helped me recover and ready for today. Biggest thing I need to remember is to listen to my body and take time off when needed.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

one on one: day twenty-two

So Coach Tony, owner of CrossFit Stumptown, went to work on his Gym Jones certification a few weeks ago in Utah (I think that's where). While there, he learned a few things and decided to begin implementing them at his gym. Now I can not remember if I ever mentioned what Gym Jones is, but here's my take on it... it's CrossFit on CRACK! Seriously guys, it's crazy shit! Anyway, Tony came back inspired and ordered a SkiErg to add to his arsenal of torture devices (but in all honesty it's really not that bad) and has turned our Friday WODs into F.Y.F. WODs (F You Friday). His goal was to get all his members to do the Triathlon, which consists of 500m on the SkiErg, 50 calories on the AirFit, and 500m on the Rower. Last Friday was the moment of truth and I didn't show up! Actually, I had been going straight for 2 weeks of working out and was planning on taking a scheduled rest day. Though I knew neither Tony or Joon would allow myself (and Aaron) to sneak by this one. So for today's session with Joon, can you guess what he had me do? Yea. I think he's a tad bit sadistic. So here's the details:

Warm-up: Casual 500m Row
Practice on SkiErg

500m SkiErg 2:14
50 Calories AirFit 4:13
500m Row 2:10
Overall Time: 9:05

To have an idea of what it looks like, click here to see a Gym Jones demo of the Triathlon. You are timed in each individual machine but as well as a total time. Your final time is total time (which includes transitions). So how did I feel afterwards? Oh man, I don't know if there are actually words to describe it. I had been hearing for the last few days the different experiences from many of my gym mates. Some that barfed, some who couldn't get off of the floor for about 30 minutes, to asthma attacks, and even coughing that lasts a day. This is meant to test you, you are to go as hard as you can without stopping.

I am not going to lie, this was hard. During the AirFit I wanted to give up, and I would've if it weren't for Joon and the ladies there rooting me on. The SkiErg isn't all that bad actually, I think it's just getting the technique down and knowing how and when to slow down. I was controlling my breathing and trying to stay consistent with my speed. (I did use my inhaler prior to starting this.) Moving to the AirFit is when the dread set in, if you haven't already picked up on it I hate that thing. I never look forward to using it and don't think I will ever be accepting of it. You are suppose to go real hard on this but from the get-go I couldn't, my quads were already burning from the SkiErg. The key is to not look at the screen, look down and push yourself. My hair was making me feel suffocated and my quads were yelling at me. By this point I began to get pissed, not at anyone but at this machine and at whomever came up with the Triathlon. I know I began yelling at the machine and swearing at it. The girls around me began laughing, but I was genuinely upset at it. Getting off of it was a bit challenging my I could have easily just collapsed to the floor, but I hurriedly made my way to the Rower and they tied my feet in and got me going. I know I stopped rowing a few times because my legs and arms were burning, and breathing became such a chore for me. But alas, as always I completed it. I literally rolled out of the Rower onto the floor moving about like a fish out of water. I couldn't focus in on any one discomfort, everything was yelling at me. I didn't barf and I didn't cry. It didn't make me sick like others and I am not experiencing any awful coughs. But the thing that it most certainly did was tax my nervous system. My arms and hands took a while to stop shaking. My mind felt foggy and confused for a bit too. I giggled a lot, but not at anything, I think it was like a side effect- like I was drunk.

What did I learn from this? That I absolutely without a doubt hate the AirFit. That I am capable of pushing myself. That I could have done better. That I am getting better at this stuff. And that I never ever want to do this again, EVER!

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

one on one: day twenty-one

This will be a short and sweet posting. I am feeling a little unmotivated to come up with much detail to share this evening on my session with Joon today. Not that the session wasn't any good, it was fantastic actually. I'm just not feeling it tonight. Today was actually a recovery session, after Tuesday's brutal hour. We worked on teaching me how to rebound, which is something I don't think I have ever practiced before or am good at. It was a slow warm up to it but eventually I got the hang of the movement. I still need a lot of practice and my shins are a little sore. Joon had me rolling the bottom of my feet and my IT Band out often. Essentially there was a lot of jumping. My adductors and hamstrings are still feeling a bit sore but I am managing just fine. Thank you Joon for fun sessions like today, where I learned something new and giggled!

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