Wednesday, March 26, 2014

this old knee

You may have noticed that my resting squat challenge went stale. Unfortunately my right knee became quite inflamed and irritated, I gather from overuse. Between the resting squats and doing plenty of squat WODs at CrossFit Stumptown, my knee finally had enough. My chiropractor had me take some time off, which worked out since Aaron and I were heading out of town for the weekend. While gone I had moments where it felt great and then moments where it didn't feel so great. We had access to an indoor heated pool where we went, so I took to swimming a couple of times. Hiking on the snow at Crater Lake without proper shoes proved challenging as well, I did fine and only had one moment of pain. I am currently still not doing the resting squat challenge and will probably not go back to it on a day to day basis. Giving myself another week or so before getting back to it on a limited basis. Today I did some burpees and box jumps, it was the most intense movement my knees had to deal with in over a week. So far I feel good but we will see how they feel tomorrow morning. Running hasn't been an issue either, thank goodness.

My schedule will be changing this coming Monday, as I will begin Spring term of the Fit Tech program. I will pretty much be at school or work Monday thru Friday while still fitting CrossFit into my schedule. And starting April 14th I will begin a 10k training program for the race I want to do this coming June. In other words, my postings may become far and few between, but I will NOT stop posting. I will make every effort to post, at least once a week to two weeks. It's a great stress release and allows me to share my thoughts!

Oh, and I achieved something today. Did my first WOD with Burpee Box Jumps and RX'd. Only had one mishap and managed not to hurt myself! :)

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

day 10, 11, 13/30: resting squats & realizations

My resting squat is definitely getting better, though from time to time my knees (specifically the right one) decides to be bothersome. I think the change in weather right now is not helping either. On day 11 I managed to get a flat-footed squat for a moment. This is a huge achievement and means my ankle mobility is getting better.

Day 10 after a sweaty WOD

Day 11, felt good in my squat & got some stretching in.

Day 13 after the CrossFit Open 14.3 WOD.

The day before participating in the CrossFit Open 14.3 with my gym mates I practiced my box jumps. I haven't been able to actually jump the 20 inch box. For the actual WOD step-ups are legal, so I knew I would be fine but at some point I need to get over the mental hurdle that stops me from jumping onto a box. So I practiced with a box up against a lifting platform, it makes the box about 16 inches. I then placed a 25# bumper plate on the floor and jumped onto the box that way, that make it about 18 inches. When I got comfortable with that, I changed the 25# plate with a 10# one. This made me a little nervous, but after a couple of failed attempts I got the hang of it. The next step was to remove the plate all together and just jump up from the ground. And on my first try I nailed it! I did it a few more times and nailed it each time! I FINALLY got box jumps! Now at the Open I didn't do box jumps and did step-ups as I was informed these would be more efficient.

And, today I got my new jump rope in the mail today. We sized it to fit my height and I will give it a go this week. Maybe I will finally get double unders! I will keep you posted on my progress (or lack thereof).

*There was no day 12 in resting squat due to knee issues.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

day 8 & 9/30: resting squats & measurements update

On day 8 of the resting squat challenge I was having some issues with my knees. I knew I wasn't 100% out of the pain zone, though I have been having many more good days. The act of squatting or doing lunges was too much and so I opted to refrain from the challenge on day 8. Today, day 9, I worked on my resting squat for a little bit. More to work on some stretching for my thighs and hips than anything else. Soreness has decreased some and I think I should be able to get back to working on my resting squats tomorrow. 

Today was my 5th appointment in getting my body fat percentage and measurements. With a couple of hiccups along the way I am still managing to shed some inches. Here is where I am after 10 weeks!

Body fat: 28.09% with a 0.97% loss
Neck: 13 inches with no change
Arm: 13.75 inches with a 0.25 inch loss
Forearm: 11 inches with a 0.25 inch gain
Chest: 40.25 inches with a 1.75 inch loss
Waist: 38 inches with a 1 inch loss
Hips: 45.75 inches with a 0.25 inch loss
Thigh: 24 inches with a 1 inch loss
Calf: 17 inches with no change

I am feeling pretty good. I think I will see even bigger losses in the coming weeks. I will keep you updated!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

day 6 & 7/30: resting squat challenge & pr's

Last night my knees were pretty sore from all the pounding it's taken this past week. While at a sports bar checking out the Portland Timbers game, I finally had to stand up from my stool and just stand. I didn't get a lot of resting squat in yesterday but working on more of it today. The knees aren't as sore today either.

Yesterday while at the CF Open 14.2

At home after an Olympic Weightlifting class & Tabata Sit-ups

Every Sunday I attend an Olympic Weightlifting class at my box to fine tune the movements. We work on Snatches, Cleans, and Jerks. Today I managed to PR on my Clean & Jerk. My snatches are getting better too! And on Friday, while doing the CF Open 14.2, I PR on the OHS. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

day 4/30: resting squat challenge & the first step to my new road

I've made it to day 4 of the resting squat challenge, and even as I type this I am squatting. I am experiencing no pain in the knees and my ankles aren't feeling strained. However, I can only hold the resting squat for about 3 to 5 minutes at a time before my legs get tingly. This is still an enormous improvement from my first go around of the challenge. I'm still using a heel support as well but some moments I will squat without heel support and let my heels hang so that the ankles can get some stretch in them. I have been working on mobility in my ankles as I know they are pretty tight.

Took a minute at work to squat.

As for my first step to my new road is with the change of my work schedule. Today was my last day at Lula Health Center, a bittersweet day. I will miss the ladies I worked with tremendously as they are all very talented and have big hearts! I will now only be working at one job while attending school. I am very fortunate to continue to have an awesome boss that is willing to be flexible with my work schedule so that I can attend school at the maximum hours possible. I'm ready for my new adventure to begin!