Friday, October 17, 2014

one on one: day twenty-nine (day of boo boo)

Well todays been a painful day, and not painful in a sore from a WOD sense. But painful in a box tried to eat me for lunch sense. After CrossFitting for almost a year and a half, today I had my very first run in with a box. Not with one leg, but both legs. I was literally only two jumps away from being finished and BAM! Not a pleasant experience. My left leg took the brunt of the damage but both hit the box. Thankfully it didn't go deep to the bone but enough to expose the fascia (white meat). At first, besides the pain, there were no visual indicators that I hit. After a few minutes of trying to walk around and hold back in yelling from the pain, Tony had me lift my tights again and blood began to show up. The pain only escalated from there and it only took a minute or two for both spots to get bright purple. By this point Joon said I was done for the day and that we needed to clean my legs up. Walking for the first few hours after was rough, any jarring movement sucked. It's beginning to feel better to walk but touching the skin around the areas is exceptionally sensitive and hurts like hell, regardless of how light I touch. I hope that by Monday I will be back to WODing with no issues. Here is what I did manage to do today before my boo boo:

10 min Row

5 x 10 Back Squats 100#
5 x 5 Box Jumps

This little incident will NOT stop me from doing box jumps in the future, but I am seriously considering on getting some sleeves for my lower legs. This way next time I have a mishap, besides bruised sore shins, there will be no breaking of the skin!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

sugar is a son of a beast

Last year during the months of November and December I gave up refined sugar and unbleached enriched flour. In those two months I lost a little over 10# and felt amazing. I didn't revert back to old eating habit in January right away, if anything I tried to keep it up and continued to lose weight. Then life happened, not exactly sure what or when, but slowly the weight on the scale started to creep upward. Before I knew it this year is almost over and I am eating like shit. I don't feel good. And I feel guilty that I have lost complete control of my diet. I also don't think it is fair to Joon who has given so much of his time in helping me get better, stronger, and fitter. I am the only one to blame in this, and trust me I have had a good reality check with myself.

What I think caused me to fall off was my getting sick back in July with the stomach pain and learning that I was allergic to the soy protein in my protein bars. Those bars were helping me so much with satisfying me in between meals and as a great snack. With those out of the picture I am left with trying to fill those holes with healthy choices... add that I am utterly picky.

I am now three days in with no refined sugar, and I am miserable. I know once this part passes I'll be ok but I just want to feel better and not crave this crap anymore. I have had maybe two beers since July, and have decided to hold off on the alcohol for a while. I'm beginning to research different recipes and dishes and trying to cook up two different meals on Sunday to take for lunches during the week. That is helping me some. I like snacks though, I can't seem to find anything that doesn't have unbleached enriched flour, sugar, and that I like. Ugh... sugar really is a son of a beast! And dammit I will slay this pain in the ass beast!

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Friday, October 10, 2014

one on one: day twenty-eight

I walked into the gym this morning witnessing a class struggling through the WOD of the day, a FYF WOD. Immediately dread came over me because a part of me wondered if Joon was going to make me do this WOD. I didn't feel ready for that sort of work, it was far too early for me. But thankfully he didn't make do it. Here is what I did do:

     5 min AirFit (easy)
     2 x 5 Wall Squat
     2 x 5 KB Windmill
     2 x 5 Samson Stretch
     50 Single-Unders

5 x 10 Sumo Deadlift @ 100#

6 x 10 sec "All Out" Row (48/49/50/51/51/51)
Rest 30 sec between

Rest 3 min

Row 250m "All Out" (0:51.4)

Rest 3 min

Row 500m @ 70% of 250m pace (1:56)

The warm-up was great and much needed! The deadlifts felt good and I felt strong. The rowing was going great until the end of the 500m. My gas tank was basically empty and it felt awful! Maybe I need to keep working on my rowing skills. ;)

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

one on one: day twenty-seven

Today was the day for PR's! I woke up this morning to learn that the CFST WOD for the day was the CrossFit Football Total. Because I knew I wasn't going to be able to go back tonight for a regular WOD after my session with Joon, I was hoping that was what he would have me do. And it was! The last time I did this was back in July in a session with Joon. My total was 580, and I PR'd in two movements that day, and totally failed miserably in my Deadlifts even though that is typically my strong movement. Today I am happy to say I did much better and even increased my total by 85 points. Here's what I did:

Old CrossFit Football Total:
Power Clean- 110#
Back Squat- 175#
Bench Press- 100#
Deadlift- 195#
Total= 580

Today's CrossFit Football Total:
Power Clean- 115#
Back Squat- 200# (25# PR)
Bench Press- 105# (5# PR)
Deadlift- 245# (10# PR)
Total= 665

So needless to say I am quite happy with my numbers. I have improved them since the last time and even surprised myself in a couple of my movements. The disappointing one is the Power Clean. I know I can lift heavier but I keep doubting myself. It's quite frustrating but Joon has given me great pep talks and is a great encourager, I will get passed this.

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Friday, October 3, 2014

joon, "f" you!

What?! I know what some of you may be thinking, but it's ok, Joon and I are in good terms. Today at Stumptown it is Fuck You Friday (FYF). It's a WOD that is on crack, and we push ourselves more than we normally would. After my session with Joon earlier today, he commented that if I came back in the evening to join my gym mates for the FYF WOD, I wouldn't be doing it. He had something different for me. Oh but what could that be?! So naturally, I went back and he introduced me to FYJ...

SkiErg, 100m Sprints, 10x (with 90 sec rest):
1) 23.3
2) 24.5
3) 23.4
4) 23.4
5) 23.7
6) 24.1
7) 24.7
8) 25.1
9) 24.9
10) 24.3

Not bad, I stayed fairly consistent but it absolutely sucked. By the end of the 10th round my arms were already feeling sore. At this Joon laughed and said, "wait until tomorrow." So again Joon, "F" you!

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