Wednesday, March 4, 2015

got the message

Being injured, even as minor as it is, is very frustrating! Monday and Tuesday has really pushed some buttons that forces me to make some realizations. Hurting my wrist I feel is a blessing in disguise, but the timing is just awful. I haven't done a WOD in quite some time and now that I can't do most lifts, my weightlifting program is on hold and I am rejoining the class. Well Monday's WOD proved to me that I really need to keep doing WOD's as my endurance sucked. And Tuesday's WOD reminded me of how much I miss working with some of the greatest friends I have. It also made me highly jealous that I couldn't do half the WOD with everyone because of my restriction and that was not fun. So once I am back in working condition, I need to figure out a balance to keep me moving forward and not doing the two steps forward three steps back dance anymore. The Universe has a funny way of making you realize things, I got the message!

As for 15.1 in the Open, I managed to get 25 reps. Once the snatches came up I could not move my wrist in order to do it so I stopped. At least I got to log something in and try, I am happy with that. On Saturday I was able to judge my fellow box mates and that was a fun experience. I am so proud of everyone. Now to prepare for 15.2 and see if it is something I can be a part of or not. :)

Friday, February 27, 2015

crossfit open 2015 & injury

Last year I competed in my very first CrossFit Open, and in the very first WOD (14.1) I scored a big fat zero. It was 7 minutes of doubleunders and even though I managed to get three of them the night before, I could not get at least one when it was go time. I continued to compete the next four weeks even though I could no longer log in my scores. I had no illusions of going to Regionals but I gave my very best. Well CrossFit Open 2015 is here and the very first WOD (15.1) is this Saturday and I will not be able to fully participate even though I am registered. I will fight to get one rep in so that I can log something in, but I unfortunately hurt my right wrist last Tuesday. It has gradually been getting better but my grip is nowhere near what it was and there is so much swelling that any deep bending causes so much pain.

My boss/doc says I have a sprain/strain and that I just need to give it some time to heal. For once in my life, I am going to listen to him and not push myself into a potentially serious injury. I am frustrated that I got myself into a situation that affects my level of participation in the CrossFit Open. I am however certified to be a judge now and look forward to helping my great gym out.

I wish everyone at Stumptown the very best luck!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

was down with the sickness

So I have been absent here, in CrossFit, and in parts of my social life with a nasty cold. Last night was my first day back in the gym in 13 days, yea 13! Thankfully the training program I am on is having a light week, great way to ease myself back into it. Though I am feeling a million times better, I am not 100% yet and that was evident last night when I felt like I ran a marathon after only an hour of light lifts. Over the weekend I purchased my very first pair of Oly shoes and so I had a chance to try them out last night. At first they were a bit awkward to walk around in, but after a while I forgot about it and noticed a difference in some of my lifts. These things actually make a difference, who knew! I am looking forward to feeling 100% again and I hope that is by the end of the week. I did sign up for the CrossFit Open which starts at the end of this month. Hopefully I don't die, ok well that won't happen but I really don't feel prepared for it. I'm just gonna go and do my best and have fun with it.

That is it for now, I will keep you updated with my sessions with Joon (they will start up again next week) and updates on my progresses- wall walks are almost complete! Take care everyone and stay healthy!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

the gorilla takeover

This weekend was the second annual of The Gorilla Takeover competition that my gym, CrossFit Stumptown, and CrossFit Mt. Hood hosts. This time around I didn't volunteer or compete, but instead was there to cheer on Aaron, and his partner, Matt. They competed in the men's scaled team division and came in third at the end. It was an incredible experience to be a part of. I am unbelievably proud of these two guys on how hard they worked. 

We had quite a few members from CFST that competed and they all fought real hard through those tough WODs. I'm so absolutely proud of all of you: Kay, Zoe, Chris, Jenna, Angel, Joe, Adam, Austin, Chris, and of course Aaron and Matt. You all should be so very proud of yourselves!!

It was fun to see how very different each competitor was within a division, and than the differences between a scaled and rx division. There were plenty of new competitors but also a great deal of those who have been around the block. Some were stronger than others and some were fast than others. But the one consistent thing you witnessed was the sheer determination they all had to keep pushing through the suck. Whether it was the AirFit, the burpees, or the farmer carries. No one simply gave up, they worked until the work was to be completed or the time stopped them. And it still surprises me to see other competitors stick around to cheer on their very own competition. This is most definitely a community of people who understands what hard work and effort is and isn't afraid to share in the pain and pleasure of it all.

I am a proud member of the CrossFit community and look forward to my future with it.

This photo was taken from The Gorilla Takeover FB page.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

one on one: day thirty-eight

Today's session with Joon is with my having three days off from any sort of CrossFit or training, not ideal. This morning I really wasn't feeling like working out and it took a lot of my energy to get up, eat, and get ready to go. But once there at the gym, I started to perk up a bit. Jumping on the rower help me as well. Now that I am following a starter program for Olympic Weightlifting, Joon has restructured our sessions to compliment that and help me in other areas that really need some help and are on my goals list. This is what we worked on today:

Warm-up: 1500m Row
Extended Warm-up:
   KB Ladder 25# Swing/Goblet Squat 5/10/5 Reps
                      35# Swing/Goblet Squat 5/10/5 Reps
                      53# Swing 30 Reps x2

Ring Work- played with just hanging off of the ring in a hollow position and with my knees up.

The Jefferson Curl 10x

V-ups 20x
Banded Pull-ups (no kip) 5x
V-ups 20x
Banded Pull-ups (no kip) 5x
V-ups 20x

Cool-down on AirFit for 5 minutes

The KB work felt more like a workout than a warm-up and I am amazed that I swung a 53# KB. All of the KB work was to be done without putting it down. On my last 30 of the 53# swing I broke it up into 3 random splits as my hands and lower back had enough. I need to chalk up as the KB threaten to fly out of my hands and my back wanted a time-out. The ring work was fun, other than ring rows I have never actually played with the rings before. Doing a hang from the rings was far easier than doing it from a pull-up bar, I will keep practicing these on my own. I am not sure how to explain what the Jefferson Curl is, but let me just say it is absolutely amazing and completely feels great on the spine! The v-ups just plain suck, I'm not good at them. I think it is mainly because for a very long time I couldn't do them because it would be too painful on my tailbone. But today it didn't bother my tailbone at all. It was still hard though, my form was awful. Practicing a strict pull-up is hard, even with a band. I have gotten so use to using a kip to help me that I haven't really helped the necessary muscles that will get me to do a pull-up. Another thing I will be working on.

Overall it was a good session and I feel great. My hands are killing me, especially after going back to CFST tonight to work on my program and practice the ring hangs again. I want to say that my hands are getting use to the abuse but they aren't yet. I do have some calluses building up but the pain hasn't lessened one bit. I am looking forward to a day when it becomes tolerable... cause it will happen, right?!

This photo was taken from Pinterest.